Bjork to Run NYC Next Month

According to a post on her Facebook page, Bjork is essentially going to be running New York next month.

The truly singular Icelandic artist has announced a residency at New York's Roseland's Ballroom on Feb. 22, Feb. 25, Feb. 28 and March 2. This in and of itself is great news, as Bjork is an absolute phenomenon live. (We have memories of Radio City Music Hall almost collapsing when people went off during "Army Of Me" that can back up this claim.)

These shows will reportedly be performed in the round and will feature a 24-piece Icelandic female choir and an array of one-of-a-kind instruments including a 10-foot pendulum harp, a midi-controlled pipe organ and two tesla coils that have somehow been rigged to play music. Tickets for these sure-to-be-memorable shows go on sale Jan. 13.

But Bjork is feeling experimental -- even for her -- these days (she released her new album Biophilia as both a regular set and as a series of interactive iPad applications) so there's more going on than just mere sure-to-be-incredible performances.

As part of a project she explained to Pitchfork's Brandon Stosuy a few months ago, instead of the traditional tour structure for Biophilia, Bjork plans on setting up residencies in a handful of towns that will include both a run of shows and educational events. 

True to her word, Bjork will appear at the New York Hall of Science on Feb. 3, Feb. 6, Feb. 9, Feb. 12, Feb. 15 and Feb. 18 for a series of "science and music workshops for middle-school children" that will discuss the scientific themes from her new album, which touches on biology, astronomy and crystalline structures.

Bjork will also show the students how to use the Biophilia application to make music. This education series debuted at the Manchester International Festival and is sponsored by the art installation/promotions company The Creators Project.

Also, there are unconfirmed rumors that during these shows, Bjork will wear something no other human would even think to wear. We'll let you know more this as more information becomes available. 

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