Questlove's Biggest Surprise Fan: Bill Murray

Drummer and DJ Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson has a diverse range of fans from his work with Grammy Award-winning hip hop group and "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" house band The Roots. But even Questlove is surprised by some of his Hollywood fans, including one comedian in particular who cut a rug at a recent event.

“I did a gig at SOB’s three weeks ago and as the crowd thinned out I ... noticed that the white-haired gentleman that’s been dancing in the front row for four hours was Bill Murray,” Questlove told Niteside last night at the Built by MeanRed Sunday Cookin’ event at Southpaw.

“Someone showed me a picture. Bill Murray was in front the whole night.”

Perhaps even crazier than Bill Murray gettin’ down to hip hop jams is a nighttime encounter with The Purple One.

“One time, somebody threw a $20 at me, and I was insulted and I was like, 'What the …'” and it was Prince," Questlove said. "He was just trying to get my attention so he just threw a $20 at me. I was on a 10-foot riser so obviously I couldn’t see him. He just climbed up and threw it at me.”

Questlove also gave an update on The Roots for all of his fans including their plans for a new album and their latest foray into the R&B world.

“We just produced John Legend’s fourth album," he said. "It’s more like a collaborative record between the two. We’re gonna do stuff together like the NAACP awards, Sundance ... DJ together.”

With suave John Legend joining forces with the soulful Roots crew, look out for even more high-profile fans to boogie and make it rain at Questlove shows.

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