Beth Ditto: Everyone's Favorite New It-Girl

Ever since she appeared—in all her naked voluptuousness—on the cover of the first issue of the brand new Love magazine in the U.K., the fashion world's been all over punk singer Beth Ditto.

Now Guy Trebay reports for The New York Times that the shy girl with the killer stage presence has taken the bait, and has started to appear on the front rows of several fashion shows—even sitting near music legend Paul McCartney at his daughter Stella's runway presentation. Why had she previously hesitated? Well, according to Ditto: "From the punk perspective, doing things like coming to Paris and going to all the fashion shows would be the downfall of your art."

Hmm. Well we're hoping that getting hired by Fendi to do a semi-secret concert (as Amy Winehouse once did) won't be your downfall, Beth—we're just getting to like you, frankly.

Hell, you might even be changing the face of fashion forever! When was the last time any of you, dear readers, can remember a woman of a certain size gracing the cover of a style and fame magazine of the likes of Love? What's more, Forever 21 even just announced that they're launching a plus-size line that will hit stores on May 1! The whole world of fashion may change!

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