Professional Contortionist Teaches in Manhattan


The New York Times today profiles a contortion class at the Sankalpah Yoga Studio in Manhattan, taught  by accomplished acrobatic performer Jonathan Nosan.

"Students spend a good part of the 75 minutes bent over backward," observes reporter Stephen McElroy. "And they’re not just poised in a backbend, but doing exercises like 'the waterfall,' which requires them to lean back, touch the floor, return to a standing position and then repeat the motion several times — a reverse toe touch, more or less."

Most of the students are people who "use their bodies to make a living," as one put it to the Times. Among the regulars, McElroy says, are a professional hand balancer, aerialists, a fitness pole dancer, and ballet and modern dancers.

Nosan notes on his website,, that his own flexibility isn't natural -- he was unable to touch his toes at the age of 22.

It was only when he went to Japan on a Fulbright scholarship to reasearch -- deep breath -- Design of Scared Space of New Religious Movements that he says his interest in acrobatics was piqued. 

"His second research year was spent in a wood cabin with an outhouse in the Northwest Mountains of Kyoto," his bio says, comically. "It was during that year he changed course from academics to acrobatics after seeing a Chinese contortionist in Nagasaki and Canadian Clown in Tokyo."

He then moved to London for a year of physical theater and training, then spent three years as a contortion student of Mr. Lu Yi at the San Francisco Circus Center.

Nosan has lived in Manhattan since 1998, and has been performing and teaching since, he says.

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