Anti-Amy Sedaris Sign Update: A commenter brings us more news…

A commenter brings us more news on the mysterious "Amy Sedaris: Your story has been rejected! Fuck you!!!" sign that appeared outside the former home of West Village boutique Miguelina earlier this week. It sounds like the sign-leaver isn't just targeting stores: "On Wednesday morning I saw at least three of those signs as I was walking down Hudson street between around W10th and Leroy. There was one right in front of the school at Hudson and Grove. Another one that was on the side of a phone booth had been covered up by a newspaper rack that someone dragged in front. Wouldn't it have been easier to just rip the paper down rather than dragging the rack over? My first thought too was that Amy had just done it herself." [Racked Commenters]For more stories from Racked, go to

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