Above The Fray: Hermès Line Hell, Sale Less So

We've finally made it back from the epic Hermès sample sale taking place through Saturday at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea. After a crushing three hour wait to enter, it was a relief to find that the sale itself was relatively calm. The generous selection of colorful, printed scarves ($225 apiece, limit 10 per person), ties ($102 apiece, also a 10 per person limit) and the small leather good were receiving the most attention from shoppers, while the many racks and shelves of clothing for men and women went practically untouched. Honestly, we recognized a few pieces from March's sale. The line to pay was short and unlike the one outside, seemed to be moving at a good clip. Once back outside, we noticed the queue had shrunk considerably, but if you want to skip it altogether, you could walk up to the door and say you're going to J. Mendel on the fifth floor. Once you're in the elevator, who's going to care if you get off the stop before?
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