Coney's Mermaid Parade: 6 Reasons to Go

Coney’s biggest party goes down today

Saturday marks the annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade, packing Surf Avenue with sea-themed delirium since 1983. Here’s why—even if you’ve missed the parades in recent years—you should go: 

1. Coney’s Back! (sort of)

The last few Parades unfolded under the dark spectre of Astroland’s shuttering. Now, with Luna Park’s opening, the atmosphere should be fairly jubilant.

2. Awesome Royals

King Neptune and Queen Mermaid of the Parade 2010: Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson. All hail. (Will she smuggle a voice distorter onto the parade float? Stay tuned!)

3. Weather

It will cooperate: Expect sunny skies and temperatures around 83. This matters when you’re wearing a clamshell bra, people.

4. There’s an App for That

Yep. You can download the free Mermaid Parade app and vote for your favorites via the virtual People’s Prize Voting Booth on your iPhone.

5. (After-)Party With the Animals

The 8th annual Mermaid Parade Ball, the official after-party of the Mermaid Parade, goes down this year at the New York Aquarium's Oceanic Deck.  

6. MTA Mermaids (see above)

Few things say "summer in NYC" like the sight of revelers riding the subway in head-to-toe blue makeup, or fishtail trains, or starfish nestled in their pink wigs, or Neptune pitchforks. This is why you live here.

 The Mermaid Parade takes place at Surf Avenue at West 21st Street in Coney Island, Brooklyn, Saturday June 19 at 2 pm. For info, call 718-372-5101 or visit

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