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Three Ways to Maximize Space in Any Room of Your House

The George to the Rescue team transformed a family’s home from cluttered and dark to light and airy using these three tips

If you think your home is too small and needs more space, you’re not alone.

The demand for more space increased during the pandemic as more remote-working millennials become first-time homeowners, highlighting the need for smaller, affordable homes, Harvard housing experts found.

The good news is that having a smaller home does not mean you have to live in cramped spaces. It gives you the opportunity to maximize your square footage in creative ways.

Take the Jones family for example. Kimberly – who is a history teacher by day and healthcare worker by night – and her husband, Israel, became first-time homeowners after purchasing a small fixer-upper in New Jersey.

Although they loved their new home, the hard-working couple called on "George to the Rescue" to help alleviate the feeling of being cramped inside the home they created for themselves and two young daughters.

The team helped to transform the family’s home from cluttered, dark and dreary to light, bright and airy using these three tips. Here’s how you can, too.

Tip #1: Lighten up your walls

Painting walls a lighter color like white or beige has always been a surefire way to make rooms appear larger.

However, if you don’t want white walls, design experts say brighter hues like yellows, sky blues, and greens can not only add the illusion of space, but also personality.

Tip #2: Get creative with storage

Less clutter. More space.

Cleaning up clutter from countertops and being able to put things away can instantly add space to any room. Replacing bulky bookcases and shelving with floating cabinets or shelves can create storage to maximize the use of open spaces.

Tip #3: Let the natural light in

Allowing more natural light into your home will organically open up your space.

Avoid heavy curtains or blinds that limit the amount of light from outside. Instead, replace them with shutters or curtains that aren’t as heavy and allow more sunshine inside.

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