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Jon's Still Getting Support

Team Jon showed up in force to let the vilified father of eight know he should be happy



    Jon Gosselin's Still Got Fans

    Don't worry Jon, you've still got a group of people who loves you. (Published Thursday, Oct. 8, 2009)

    Well, you might think that all of Jon Gosselin's fans have fled to the dark side when he drained Kate's bank account. But you're wrong!

    He's still got Team Jon.

    The team may only consist of three people -- two moms and a kid -- but they're sure as hell organized.

    Complete with red tees, the trio stood in front of the Gosselin estate in Wernersville, Pa., hoping to catch a view of their idol as he roamed the grounds Thursday. He was back in town to attend a birthday party for the twins, which we heard was uneventful.

    When asked why they decided to come out, Jennifer Ebberhart proudly said, "to support Jon" -- as if there were any other reason.

    Their patriarch eventually graced them with his presence, signed their backs and then moved back on to doing…whatever it is that he does.

    The most telling revelation though, was from Team Jon's youngest member. When asked why he liked the show, the boy admitted "because I believe everything my mom says."

    Poor kid.