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Bear Grylls Asks Demi Moore To Be 'Woman Vs. Wild'



    Bear Grylls Asks Demi Moore To Be 'Woman Vs. Wild'
    "Man vs. Wild" star Bear Grylls wants to go on a survival adventure with Demi Moore.

    Demi Moore is known for her lean and athletic figure, but would she be willing to put her muscles to the test in the wilderness?

    That's the question Discovery channel adventurer Bear Grylls, who hosts "Man Vs. Wild," is asking.

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    The Brit, whose show finds him thrown into the wild so he can show off survival techniques, sent Demi a request via Twitter to appear on a special version of his popular cable show.

    "Dear Demi, i host a show called Man vs Wild, and I would so love to have you join me for a special: Woman Vs Wild!" Bear Tweeted on Wednesday night.

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    Demi got herself into super-shape for 1997's "G.I. Jane," but has yet to respond publicly to Bear's plea.

    If she agreed to the challenge, she'd be the second superstar to join Bear in the wild.

    Shortly before the release of "Land of the Lost," funnyman Will Ferrell put himself to the test in Europe with Bear. During the episode, which aired earlier this year, Will and Bear lowered themselves down off a cliff by using just a stick and a piece of rope, ate an eyeball and answered the call of nature, in nature.

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