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WATCH: Fallon Passes Meyers the "Late Night" Pickle

The two SNL alums talked about SNL and Fallon continued a "Late Night" tradition.



    Jimmy Fallon passed the torch (or pickle) to Seth Myers on "Late Night" after reminiscing about "Saturday Night Live" tapings and out of control after parties. 

    On Saturday, Meyers will make his last appearance on "SNL," which he called "bittersweet" and "emotional." 

    "I'm just counting down all the things," Meyers said. "Tonight's the last writing night and I'm like, last sugarfree Redbull at 5 am."

    The two "SNL" alums talked about an "after-after" party with Tracy Morgan and Horatio Sanz.

    "I remember going to one of those after-afters and I remember it was time to go and Tracy was on the floor shirtless, crawling on the floor," Fallon said.

    "There were pool tables!" Meyers added. "He was shirtless and I remember someone being like 'excuse me, your friend is under the pool table', like very polite management being like 'could you give us a hand?'"

    "I think Horatio was next to him passed out but spooning," Fallon said.

    Fallon also talked about Meyers' Time magazine cover.

    "That came out a month ago but I feel like now it's in dentists' offices," Meyers said. "So I'm getting texts from friends who don't get Time but are seeing it. They send pictures of it and it's on a coffee table and they're like 'dude that's so awesome' and I've just kept writing back 'cool, any cavities?'"

    Finally, Fallon continued a "Late Night" tradition. Rather than passing a torch, Fallon gave Meyers a giant pickle that has been passed from "Late Night" host to host. David Letterman presenting it to Conan O'Brien, who then presented it to Fallon.

    Fallon will become the new host of “The Tonight Show” on February 17, while Meyers will host "Late Night" beginning February 24.

    Watch the interview in the videos below.