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Ron Artest Sings Celine Dion

Ron Artest has rap albums and a thug's reputation, but who doesn't love to sing Celine Dion?




    And you wonder why Laker fans are fast growing to love Ron Artest.

    The newest Laker is the twitter king of the NBA, has given out his personal email address and phone number, hooked up with fans to head out to dinner, made up with John Green (the guy who threw beer on him in Detroit), chose his new number in tribute to Michael Jackson and hung out in Hong Kong with artist Shin Shin.

    And now, he’s singing Celine Dion's “My Heart Will Go On.” Have your lighters ready to go, music fans!

    Really, this version is the only thing that could have made that movie tolerable. That and Jack and Rose actually using pronouns when speaking to each other.

    Somehow, I wouldn’t be shocked before the first Lakers game, when the team is jumping around in a circle, if Ron Artest was in the middle of that circle firing the team up. Nor would I be shocked if he broke out some “My Heart Will Go On.” That would have the team pumped up like nothing else. Or maybe laughing too hard to play. One or the other.