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Polanski's Bail Request Rejected Again

Swiss authorities: "risk that he would escape was still too high"



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    Roman Polanski's request for bail was again denied today. Swiss authorities still believe he is too much of a flight risk.

    He might have wined and dined at fancy hotels not too long ago, but Roman Polanski booked his most recent reservations at a Swiss jail.

    And it doesn't look like he'll be checking out anytime soon.

    Swiss authorities today denied another appeal made by the director's lawyers that would have allowed Polanski to be released on bail. This is the second time authorities denied his bail request, though this offer of bail was considered much higher than the first offer, the AFP reported.

    "The risk of flight remains high," Folco Galli, a spokesman for the Swiss Justice Ministry, said.

    Polanski, who is wanted in the U.S. for skipping out on a rape conviction, previously offered his house in the Swiss ski resort of Gstaad as bail, but the ministry ruled that "was not in line with the requirements of the law."

    "Polanski again offered a higher, but not liquid deposit," Galli told Bloomberg.com. He also said it "could not be seized if [Polanski] fled." It is still unclear what, exactly, the offer was and why it was rejected.

    The director is considered a convicted felon and fugitive in the U.S. and American authorities are hoping to negotiate his extradition back to the States as soon as possible.

    Time is running out, though, and the U.S. has a limited amount of time to submit a firm extradition request. If Polanski challenges it, however, it could take years to get him back in American custody.