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Larry Birkhead On Howard K. Stern, The Upcoming Trial & What He Thinks Killed Anna Nicole

"Howard of all people has actually been kinder to me than some of Anna's own family members," says Dannielynn's father



    Larry Birkhead On Howard K. Stern, The Upcoming Trial & What He Thinks Killed Anna Nicole
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    Larry Birkhead says Anna Nicole Smith's lawyer has become a "friend."

    The testimony of Larry Birkhead, the father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannielynn, will help determine if the prosecution has a felony drug case against Anna's doctors, Dr. Sandeep Kapoor and Dr. Khristina Eroshevich — as well as his former nemesis-turned-friend Howard K. Stern.

    "I was actually subpoenaed to testify and I think a lot of people are making a big thing because I was called by the prosecution and there's been all these rumors and headlines that I'm going to testify against Howard and the doctors," Larry told Access Hollywood on Thursday. "And what I say is I don't ever like to say that I'm testifying against or for someone, because I just go and tell the truth. And either side can take that and dice it and do whatever they want to with it and see what fits it for it."

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    Dr. Kapoor, Dr. Eroshevich and Stern are charged with conspiring to illegally provide Anna with controlled substances before her death. The three have pleaded not guilty to the drug charges. Their lawyers maintain they are blameless in the death of what they say was a strong-willed woman who directed her own course of medical treatment.

    Larry told Access that Howard has become an unlikely comrade after an epic international paternity battle against him. Howard maintained he was Dannielynn's father for months, until a DNA test in the Bahamas proved otherwise.

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    "Howard has actually turned out to, believe it or not, [be] a friend because he's helped," Larry explained. "He's actually helped me. He helps me with all things that were Anna before me, and estate stuff."

    And while Larry thinks Howard knew of Anna's drug use, he does not think he is culpable in her death.

    "Never once did I see Howard inject Anna with any medication," Larry told Access. "As far as hurting Anna Nicole and hurting Daniel and things of that nature, I would be totally shocked to hear that something would come down or he would be shown to be guilty of that."

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    His support is so strong, he even allows Howard to see Dannielynn.

    "Howard of all people has actually been kinder to me than some of Anna's own family members. And he's actually helped me through a lot of things that I wouldn't have known whether it was something estate related or whatever," he continued. "It's actually become an odd type of friendship but it is there."

    Larry does not have the same type of relationship with Anna's mother, Virgie Arthur, who is currently suing Larry for defamation.

    "The V word," Larry said, referring to Virgie, when asked if she sees Dannielynn. "You know, no she doesn't and that's unfortunate too. And at this time, there's a couple legal things going on and there's a couple open cases that she has against me at this time… so, it would be a little hard for me to have interaction with her, but I've learned, when you're in Anna Nicole's world, never say never. You never know what could come next. And who knows."

    According to Larry, Anna's death was due to the loss of her son Daniel.

    "You know on her death certificate it says accidental overdose but I think it was a combination of broken heart and she just couldn't go on after Daniel," Larry told Access. "And the fact that she was so rundown. She had all these battles in front of her and she just didn't know… she didn't have the guidance or the energy to face them or get everything over with and I think ultimately when Daniel died, and I talked to her several times after that, and even though we had this public battle, we have conversations, communication up until the time of her death. She just wasn't herself. She never was herself again."

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