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Debbie Rowe Attending Michael Jackson's Memorial



    Debbie Rowe Attending Michael Jackson's Memorial

    During an appearance on ABC's "Good Morning America," Marc Schaffel, a former business associate of Michael Jackson's, announced Debbie Rowe — the singer's ex-wife and mother of his two eldest children — would be attending the Jackson memorial service in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

    "Debbie will attend. We just got confirmation last night from the people who are handling the VIP seats that they do have Debbie's seats and she will be attending," Schaffel said of Tuesday's memorial at the Staples Center, which 1.6 million people attempted to get tickets to.

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    When asked if Rowe had been in contact with the Jackson family, Schaffel claimed she has attempted to get in touch with the late singer's family, but has been unsuccessful.

    "There has been outreach, unfortunately, like so many cases, there's so much going on that they just have not been able to make contact," he continued. "There were several tries, just for the fact of phone numbers that had changed, you know, answering machines that were full. Contact had not been able to happen prior."

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    As for reports that Rowe is planning on seeking custody of Jackson's eldest children, Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, Schaffel remained mum.

    "All I can say is the only one that could give an answer to that would be Debbie Rowe's lawyers, and they're the only ones that could make any kind of official statement on that or obviously make any statement regarding that," he added.

    Jackson's youngest child, Prince Michael II, 7, is from an undisclosed surrogate.

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