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Um, No: Olivia Thirlby



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    We're not sure who advised young Ms. Thirlby that a hot pink ruffle-front shirt, paired with what appears to be a silver tuxedo, would be a good idea to wear to a fashion show. Eye-catching, for certain, but not necessarily a good idea.

    For one, the entire ensemble has the costume-like effect of a bad '70s rental tuxedo -- the kind of thing the guys in Dumb & Dumber might want to wear. But even worse -- and much more concerning -- the whole outfit doesn't exactly flatter Ms. Thirlby, who we know to be a lovely girl and quite well-proportioned. The pleat-front pants (with equally unflattering cinch-belt) are really doing nothing for the poor girl's hips, and has an overall "mom trousers" vibe at that.

    We're pretty certain this outfit warranted a lot of photographs on the front row, but next time, we'd vote for a simple black dress. That works wonders pretty much every time.