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Know Right Now: "Jewelry Wear" by Maria Francesca Pepe



    Every so often we'll come across a designer for whom jewelry isn't simply the "extra," but the entire point. For Maria Francesca Pepe, a jewelry and fashion designer based out of London, accessories are crucial to communicating her unusual aesthetic, which she has dubbed "jewelry-wear."

    In "jewelry-wear," the boundaries between clothing and accessories are blurred beyond distinction, particularly in Pepe's moody new collection, "Into the Woods." Her infamous "chain pants," for example, are adorned with long strands of mixed, jangling chains that balloon into a harem-pant shape; a thick black belt covered in wolf fangs disappears into the folds of a printed evening gown; a stretchy leather romper is accented with delicate strands of metal along the seams.

    Not every garment in the collection comes with its accessories built-in, but each look, styled with a key piece of jewelry, is clearly intended to be considered as a single piece. A strong shouldered dress, for example, would look a lot like what we've seen the past few seasons were it not for the massive (and vaguely sci fi-looking) necklace it was shot with.  Check out the complete collection at, or visit Seven New York.