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One to Watch: Wanderluster



    Rammy Lee Park has always had a knack for making far-fetched ideas come to life. "I've been like this my whole life. I love making things, putting things to paper and getting something started," she explains. "Plus, I mean, baubles! I get to make baubles! I didn't need a whole lot of convincing."

    While the idea for her jewelry line, Wanderluster, may have been gestating since high-school, 30-year-old Park launched her collection while juggling a variety of other projects: indeed, when she's not designing a spikey new earring, Park keeps herself busy editing short films and blogging for the likes of Gastronomistaand Great Expectasians.

    "I try to use one as a relief to the other," Park says of her careful job-juggling act.  "I can sustain the joy even through stressful moments. It's nice take a break from editing for hours by scribbling some cuff or necklace ideas. It's also a relief to sit down and play with a scene after running around prepping for a lookbook shoot. They require different kinds of energy, questions, thinking."

    Unsurprisingly, her finished pieces are as dynamic as her resume. Inspired by the physical world, Park takes design cues from "architectural silhouettes, shadows, branches arching into the sky, and the ripple of water," which often translates to geometric elements like pyramid-shaped quartz combined with softer, more organic baubles like curved rosewood horn.

    Park, Denver native, finds the best ideas come when she's exploring some unusual new locale. "Being in a brand new place with an open mind is the most invigorating thing," she says. "It also explains my love for film and theater as well, this idea of a transportative, and thereby transformative, experience. Because isn't that what getting dressed is?"

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