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Michael Kors on Kate Middleton: "I See a Changing Of The Guard."



    As anyone who's watched Project Runway knows, Michael Kors is not shy about voicing his opinions. And given how long he's been on the scene, not to mention his track record for dressing some of the world's most stylish dames, he's pretty much earned that right in our book. So of course it came as no surprise that Mr. Kors would have something to say about Kate Middleton and all the feverish hooplah of late surrounding her style and dressing choices. Here, he tells Vogue UK:

    When Barack Obama first became well known and everyone started looking at Mrs Obama I thought to myself 'This is a very different, modern-looking couple.' When I designed the outfit for the Michelle's first official portrait no one thought she would wear matte jersey but she did. Past women in the same position had always worn a tailored suit. When I look at Kate I see a changing of the guard in what is considered elegant. She is likes to look easy but chic. I would liken her to Obama and Carla Bruni in that way. All these women are in situations where they shaking off the formal suits of their predecessors.

    Given that Kors is often a go-to choice among the designer labels in Ms. Obama's closet, who better to make such an assessment?