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Purse Purge: Kim Ovitz Stocks Up on Kiehls and Moleskine Notebooks



    Launched only three years ago, Angeleno Kimberly Ovitz' eponymous collection has quickly risen to cult-favorite status among celebrities and fashion folks alike.

    Ovitz' dynamic, forward-thinking fashions are unusually structured and rigid considering her easy-breezy Californian contemporaries, her aesthetic rooted in dark warrior women and tidy, equestrian references. Her handbag—a sumptuous Givenchy satchel—is stocked with practical beauty goods and timeless accessories, including the perfect pair of black Persol Sunglasses and a crimson Commes des Garcons zip-around wallet.

    1. Kimberly Ovitz Hemmingway Sweater – “Perfect, lightweight vacation sweater that is easy to throw on.”

    2. Givenchy Purse – “It's big because I carry a lot of things around with me. I've been looking for a label-less replacement but haven't found anything yet.”

3. Orbitz Gum – “I'm a gum addict and this is my current favorite.”

    4. Canon Digital Camera – “For taking inspiring snapshots.”
5. Kiehls Lotion & Lip Balm – “I've always used Kiehls. They are great because they are unscented and have no color.”

    6. Moleskine Notebook – “For sketching ideas and taking notes.”
7. Wallet – “My wallet is by Comme Des Garcons – classic and functional.”

    8 Kimberly Ovitz Look Book – “I always carry one with me to visually reference the collection at meetings.”

    9. Persol Sunglasses – “These are the best basic sunglasses and definitely not trendy. This basic unisex version never goes out of style.”