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Designers on Summer: Kova & T on Getaways, Warm-Weather Uniforms



    Five years ago, childhood friends Christina Tang and Dasha Zhukova launched their hip ready-to-wear collection, Kova & T, and immediately became known for their effortless-yet-edgy basics with the power to instantly transform a wearer's wardrobe.
    Based in sunny Los Angeles, the Kova girls certainly know a thing or two about warm weather dressing. Here, they share their summertime essentials, from backyard BBQs to mountain biking.
    From Christina:
    Summer getaway: "The Caribbean, Punta Cana."
    Warm-weather activity: "BBQ's!"
    Beat-the-heat solution: "Always have a bottle of water with you."

    Summer workload: "Same as the rest of the year." Fondest childhood summer memory: "Spending it in Shanghai."
    Summer uniform: "Comfy summer dresses."
    Summer treat: "Iced soy latte."

    Summer anthem: "Crystal Blue Persuasion."
    Summer style icon: "My friends."
    Ultimate NYC "vacation-for-a-day:" "Picnic at Central Park and a trip to the Natural History Museum."

    From Dasha:
    Summer getaway: "Africa."
    Warm-weather activity: "Mountain biking."
    Beat-the-heat solution: "Swimming."
    Summer workload: "BBerry emails."
    Fondest childhood summer memory: "Picking mushrooms."
    Summer uniform: "Cut-off shorts and tshirt."
    Summer treat: "Cupcakes."
    Summer anthem: "Oldies."
    Summer style icon: "My granny."
    Ultimate NYC "vacation-for-a-day:" "Dia Beacon."