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Courtney Love Crashes the Daily Style-Blogging Set













    When Courtney Love tweeted yesterday, "anyway im going to help Taylor and the girls with it will explain itself!" we were hoping for, well, some clarity. Of course we took the bait and checked out the site, which appears to be a style blog zealously devoted to the Hole frontwoman's daily ensembles, with additions and quotes from Love herself. 

    It remains unclear who the author is, but given his or her weird knowledge of what Love wore and when—from a Balenciaga pinafore in London to a Margiela trench in Ottawa, Canada—we can only surmise that:

    A) Taylor is an insanely obsessed fan who fastidiously notes Love's sartorial habitudes on a daily basis (and the flattered Ms. Love has decided to chime in occasion)

    B) Courtney Love is playing the part of Taylor in a pretty sad publicity stunt to promote her new Hole album, "Nobody's Daughter" (case in point, we just mentioned it).

    C) Taylor exists, but the content is false. The only way to know for certain would be to note Love's day-to-day wardrobe ourselves—and we're already too bored to bother.

    All that said, it's a pretty curious cover of the daily style blogs that have become regular fixtures on our browsers, and a reminder that while the internet is a democratizing force, some things are best left unread.