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Expensive Gym Equipment: Reed Krakoff's $4,500 Bag



    Not since Kate Moss' Birkin diaper bag has a handbag put such a staggering price on an everyday carryall.

    The new Reed Krakoff Gym Bag, imagined from the classic men's cabin bag, retails between $790-$4,500, the latter representing the largest size, in full python. Should the tote really be used to lug sweaty clothes, one would have to pack Krakoff's $695 perfume to use post-workout.

    Of course, such a thing begs the age-old, "who would buy that?" question—the only answer we can think of is that they're the same folks who might indulge in the $4.50 half-gallons of Arethusa milk, made by Manolo Blahnik's two top executives.

    While the bag certainly is pretty—and the milk, likely very tasty—one could simply get a tummy tuck and skip the gym altogether—or buy the cow—for that kind of money.