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Swarovski Taps Designers to Bedazzle Menswear



    Perhaps inspired by "American Idol" finalist Adam Lambert's flamboyant fashion choices, Crystallized-Swarovski Elements will partner with various international designers to create bedazzled menswear, which drops next year.

    Men will be able to pick up moccasins, leather jackets, denim shirts and dress shirts and jackets for evening encrusted with Swarovski's signature crystals and gemstones.


    Designers Masaya Kuroki and Gildas Loaec of Kitsune; Arashi Yanagawa of John Lawrence Sullivan; Hiroki Nakamura of Visvim; Joe-Casely Hayford, and Phillip Lim, under the direction of fashion editor and stylist Tomoki Sukezane, will collaborate on the gear, each receiving the sales proceeds, according to Swarovski reps. 

    Also on the horizon for next year, for women, a multi-designer collaboration on the Little Black Dress.