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Fall 2014

Shipley & Halmos: Spring 2010



    For a groovy change of pace, Shipley & Halmos chose to showcase the Spring 2010 collection under the backdrop of a series of jumbo film installations, with freely accessible pieces hanging on racks.  It felt like shopping, which we liked.  We also liked the PBR-stocked bar in the corner.

    The fun-loving artists-formerly-known-as-part-of-Trovata threw quite the party for the new line, and being able to actually feel the stuff was exhilarating!  Yummy leather and high-quality cotton produced some covetable lightweight blazers, while delicate silk almost cascaded down the finely crafted frocks. 

    Entitled "Versus", the corresponding film installations throughout the room conveyed the inspiration and feeling behind the clothing - you've got Static vs. Motion, Struction vs. Fluid, Graphic vs. Undefined and Action vs. Reaction.  But hey, we're in full agreement on this one - it's good stuff.