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Shaun White Unveils Target Line, Times Square Billboard



    Life is good for everybody's favorite snowboarding wunderkind, Shaun White.  Not only is the latest collection for Shaun White for Target dropping this week, but the kid's got his face plastered on a billboard in Times Square.

    Besides being big fans of his skills on the slopes, we just love the good-old-hipster attitude he's brought to the Shaun White for Target line, and were thrilled to see a sneak peek from the new collection that's out this week.  Girls can rock the lumberjack plaids for some tomboy edge to a snowbunny-esque look. 

    We're sure he's used to the attention by now, but one still has to wonder what it feels like to have your face perched on top of the Times Square-42nd Street subway station, surrounded by skiing bears and lots of Target bullseyes. Then again, a billboard in Times Square is probably somewhere up there with winning a gold medal ...