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Luxury Retailers Going to Harlem



    It's nothing new that Harlem has stood as one of Manhattan's most vibrant neighborhoods through time, but now, the ongoing renaissance brings in high-end shops to the mix, as well as Harlem's Fashion Row, which will showcase Spring collections of four local designers at the Gatehouse at 150 Convent Avenue and 135th Street tomorrow.

    Fashion Row marks the growing fashion business in the area, which is building a strong retail base with eclectic shops.  The new boutique, Swing, which is named for the musical movement that came out of the neighborhood, stocks found items from the owner's travels across the globe, mingling with top-market French and Italian labels and independent local designers.  Other evolving fashion spots include Bebe Noir and luxury vintage store JB Born.  After closing in 2006, the boutique N will be reopening into its new location in the Mount Morris Park Historic District, having shifted from well-known designers to a more varied blend of local, independent designers and vintage.

    It's official, Harlem is officially on the Thread's Neighborhood Watch.