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Glamour Fashion Gives Back Totes Now on Sale



    With the mountains of sale merchandise that has been up for grabs lately $35 doesn't exactly hold the same amount of weight as it did once upon a time- we'll admit that.  But never the less, as self-professed suckers for illustrated canvas totes $35 for truly stellar versions is kind of a small expense.  Especially when they are illustrated by emerging designer heavy weights like Jason Wu, Lorick, Pamela Love, and Brian Reyes.

    AND when 100% of the proceeds are donated by Glamour Magazine to Dress for Success Worldwide there's a looming moral obligation to break down and shell out.  The totes were created for GLAMOUR Fashion Gives Back and are being offered exclusively at Bloomingdales.
    We're particularly smitten with Jason Wu's futuristic version (we should mention: dark black lines on white canvas tend to absorb their wear a bit more forgivingly) and Pamela Love's, featuring a dream-catcher in the shape of a heart (isn't navajo-inspired a trend every season?).
    All totes retail for that precious $35 mentioned above and we're inclined to believe that forgoing one night of cocktails is a small write off...