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Clippings: Fake Handbags Are Gateway to Real Handbags Edition



    - According to an MIT professor, more than 40 percent of shoppers who buy fake bags end up buying the real thing. And who can argue with an MIT professor? The real question now is: Would they have bought the real thing once they had the money anyway? [Portfolio]

    - Scientists have found 50,000-year-old shells containing "pigment residues" that they believe indicate that the Neanderthals wore "body paint," a.k.a. makeup. Fancy! [BBC]

    - Model and It-girl Daisy Lowe can now add jeweller to her resume, as she's debuted a line of Swarovski charms, featureing little black and white star and moon crystals. [Grazia Daily]

    - The latest lingerie advancements -- to be unveiled at a Paris trade fair -- feature bras that can smooth your wrinkles and regulate your body temperature. Now, if only they could figure out the whole comfortable-stilettos thing. [Independent]

    - YSL has officially closed its 885 Madison Avenue location, deciding to focus on its 57th Street location. Cue reports that Madison Avenue is slowly going the way of the Dodo. [Fashion Week Daily]