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Cumming, Lopez and Perry and Are Gutsy, Grumpy and Smurfette



    Smurfs are falling into place around star Neil Patrick Harris for the upcoming movie based on the much loved cartoon/toy line.

    Alan Cumming, George Lopez and Katy Perry have been cast as Gutsy, Grumpy and Smurfette, respectively, reports Variety.

    Shooting will take place during "How I Met Your Mother"'s upcoming hiatus, with Harris cast in the lead of "Smurfs: The Movie," according to Deadline Hollywood. The film will be a hybrid of live action and CGI, with Harris' character being the former.

    The new film version is about "a first-time expectant mother faced with juggling both an overworked husband and, ultimately, a household full of Smurfs," according to Worst Previews.

    This would lead one to think that NPH will play the overworked husband, which would be a shame, because his talents would be perfectly suited to the role of the evil, Smurf-hating Gargamel, who wants nothing more than to either eat Smurfs or use them to make gold.

    The casting of Gargamel will make or break this production.

    Comedic genius Jonathan Winters was recently cast in the role of patriarch Papa Smurf, giving hope that this will be far better than we feared.