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Madonna To Direct Her Second Movie



    Because the first time went so well, Madonna is again assuming directing duties for a feature film project, this time centering on the story of King Edward VIII. It’s true: Even Madonna’s movies have now affected an English accent.

    From The CBC by way of Variety:

    The royal drama, titled W.E., will chronicle the life of the British monarch who abdicated the throne to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

    According to the report, Vera Farmiga — the Oscar-nominated "Up in the Air" actress — has put herself in line to portray Simpson.

    A different report says Madonna also wrote the script after doing extensive research on the couple…

    The twice-divorced singer is also set to appear on the upcoming NBC reality show The Marriage Ref, in which couples take their arguments to a panel of guest "referees."

    She’s going on “The Marriage Ref”? Oh, that’ll be swell. “Why don’t you two simply resolve your differences by spending seven weeks in Corsica with Gwynnie Paltrow? That’s what I would do.”

    I’ll give Madge this: the subject matter of Edward VIII is pretty ripe territory for a movie. Edward is the only British monarch to renounce the throne in modern history, and he chose love over power. Not a bad storyline to pursue. And, like Wallis Simpson, Madonna is twice divorced. So perhaps she sees parallels in her life with that character. Perhaps this also means she intends to marry Prince William. LOOK OUT, KATE MIDDLETON! MADGE IS GUNNING FOR YOUR MAN! SHE’LL EAT YOU ALIVE!

    The last film project in which it can be said that Madonna excelled was “Evita,” a performance that won her a Golden Globe award. Like this project, “Evita” was a film and role very close to both Madonna’s heart and her life story. So perhaps the story of Edward and Wallis Simpson will align with her sensibilities and produce something successful.

    Then again, it’s Madonna. So cross your bra cones.