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For "Food, Inc." Oscar Nod Big, Oprah Bigger



    There's nothing like praise from Oprah Winfrey to send DVD sales through the roof.

    Robert Kenner's critically-acclaimed documentary "Food, Inc." might have received an Academy Award nomination Tuesday for Best Documentary, but for DVD sales, nothing will help more than after the boost from the Oprah Winfrey Show.

    As a result of the last Wednesday's "Oprah" program dedicated to the muckraking documentary on the food industry, "Food, Inc."  DVD sales climbed to the top-selling position on Amazon. Hanging tough with the likes of MIchael Jackson's "This Is It" DVD release was a "major achievement," according to a release by the film's PR company.

    The show featured clips from the documentary and featured one of the film's stars Michael Pollan urging viewers to spend more time thinking about what they put on their family's plates. Oprah suggested that viewers make up their own minds on the film's controversial take on the food business: "For me, it boils down to making more conscious food decisions," Oprah said on the show. "That is my opinion. I saw the movie. That's how I felt. But you need to see it for yourself and make your own decisions because I believe you have a right to know where your food is coming from."

    Clearly, her loyal viewers have followed suit. After opening theatrically on June 12, "Food, Inc." went on to play nationwide for 24 weeks, grossing more than $4.4 million.