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"MacGruber" Faces New Crisis: Possible Lawsuit



    This looks like the kind of jam that only the legendary MacGyver could pull himself out of. Actually MacGyver, some duct tape and a team of lawyers.

    An explosive fight has broken out between the creator of the original "MacGyver" television series and the producers of the Saturday Night Live-inspired parody "MacGruber" which is headed to the big screen this April.

    Seems that "MacGruber" is not alone with its big screen ambitions, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Lee Zlotoff, who created the original pop-iconic ABC series about the science-wily secret agent with the ability to escape every jam, retained the rights to make a movie based on the show. He's part of a team working with New Line in developing an actual "MacGyver" movie.

    Zlotoff's attorney is sending cease-and-desist letters to Relativity Media, the company making the "MacGruber" film with SNL star Will Forte.

    "We feel they're infringing our rights," Zlotoff's lawyer told THR. Indeed, it is going to be hard to say there is not a "MacGyver" connection here. Richard Dean Anderson, the original MacGyver, even played along with the skit during its SNL days when the bomb-defusing homage was still a laughing matter.