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Listen: Neon Indian, "Fallout"



     Neon Indian's second effort Era Extrana, the highly anticipated follow-up to their brilliant debut Psychic Chasms, drops on Sept. 13. Little by litte, individual pieces from the album are beginning to trickle out: over at Gorilla vs. Bear, you can see clips to "Heart: Attack" and "Heart: Release," two-thirds of the album's three-part suite. Now, we've got another Era Extrana cut, this one available for free download: "Fallout," a typically hazy gem that adds an unfamiliar element to Alan Palomo's formula;

    The song's rhythmic component is reminiscent of a half-time version of "Should've Taken Acid with You," but the buzzy, overdriven guitars owe more to '80s hair-metal than any of the psych-rock or synth-pop influences the band usually takes cues from. And the first half features probably the clearest vocal Palomo has ever recorded -- a low, affectless whisper that he sticks with for about two minutes before slathering it in reverb.
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