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Richard Pryor's Daughter: I'm "Not a Big Fan" of Comedy



    Richard Pryor, one of the most influential comedians of all time, set the standard for generations of comics with his punchy style. But his daughter, Rain, doesn't find the humor in today's funnymen.

    “I think comedy today is a little too reserved. I’m not a big fan of comedy because of that,” Pryor told Niteside at a tribute to legendary comedian George Carlin hosted by Whoopi Goldberg at the New York Public Library Wednesday night.

    “I’m waiting …for someone to speak their truth in a way that jars me out of my box.”

    Pryor, a playwright and performer in her own right, insisted contemporary comedians are playing it safe, a far cry from the boisterous antics of comics in the past. Carlin, she said, was a comedic icon because of his frank observations.

    “He was willing to out there on a ledge, which a lot of comics sometimes are afraid to do -- say things that we might be thinking that we don’t wanna say. He was that guy,” she said.

    Pryor also has a close relationship to Carlin’s daughter Kelly and the daughter of Lenny Bruce, Kitty. All three can relate to one another as the progeny of comic royalty and are working on a play together called “Daughters of the Revolution.”

    “Everyone imitates kind of what they do and our dads really set the standard. So to be here and be a part of this [Carlin tribute] is really in support of my sister [Kelly].”