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It's Not Just You, New Jersey Really IS One of the Stormiest Places in America This Year

The National Weather Service office in Mt. Holly has issued more Local Storm Reports than any other NWS office this year, according to unofficial data

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Live in New Jersey? Tired of all the storms? Think you're getting a raw deal this year? Well, you are.

There have been more Local Storm Reports this year from the National Weather Service office that includes most of New Jersey than from any other NWS office in the country, according to unofficial data compiled at Iowa State University and mapped this weekend by an NWS meteorologist.

The data come from the Iowa Environmental Mesonet, or IEM, which aggregates weather data from around the country. Its unofficial archives show 4,106 Local Storm Reports issued this year by NWS Mt. Holly, which covers southern and central Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania and Delaware.

That's the highest count in the nation, followed (not all that closely) by the office that covers parts of Maryland and Virginia.

Even filtering down by just Local Storm Reports for severe convective conditions like tornadoes, damaging winds and hail, Mt. Holly is still number two, behind only the Maryland/Virginia area.

The map doesn't normalize for population density, so the comparisons aren't apples-to-apples, and to be sure, there are plenty of arguments that other parts of the country are worse off by other metrics.

But any way you slice it, from snow last winter to Ida last week, it's been a rough year for Jersey.

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