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West Village Welcomes Back Chocolate Bar



    West Village Welcomes Back Chocolate Bar
    John Capone
    Chocolate Bar's new storefront on Hudson Street.

    Nobody would argue that one year ago the landscape of the city was different. For one thing there was an Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar in the West Village. OK, maybe that's not the first thing that comes to mind, but now that Chocolate Bar has returned to the WV (now on Hudson St. at W 12th.), proprietor Alison Nelson has offered an enticing possibility on the chalk board in front of the shop: "Let's just pretend the last 12 months never happened."

    All the signature chocolate bars are in stock lining the walls of the shop, which has ample tables for sitting to sip a coffee, eat a spicy brownie, or, of course, tear through a few chocolate bars.

    The official opening is May 1, but if a chocolate and coffee shop can have a soft opening, they are having one—balloons and all. So, a year since Chocolate Bar (formerly on Jane St.) went missing, it's found its way back. And right when we need it. Nothing kills the pain quite like specialty chocolate bars. Make ours 'bittersweet' dark — a confection for our times.