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Manliest Appliance Ever?

A new spot for vintage gems in Harlem, deals at Brooklyn Industries, and the Pizza Boss 3000.



    Manliest Appliance Ever?
    The Pizza Boss 3000: Manly.

    POWER TOOLS: It has the manly mein of a power saw procured at Home Depot, yet it’s designed to cut pizza, with its ‘engineering-grade plastics’ and ‘laser-etched stainless steel blade.’ Even if it didn’t slice rough a pie faster and more powerfully than your standard rolly-wheel cutter, you’d still want it just for the name: Pizza Boss 3000. $15 from design depot

    JUST OPENED: B.O.R.N. stands for borrowed, old, refurbished, and new, and that’s what you’ll find tucked in the back of Makari’s Makeup Salon: pristinely-preserved clothing and accessory finds from eras recent and not-so. A welcome Harlem addition, for sure. This 52 West 125th Street at Fifth Avenue, 917-865-9194.

    STOCK UP: Through July 31, Brooklyn Industries is hosting one of the better non-sample-sale sales in the city: All things spring and summer – from kicky skirts to tees and those iconic printed canvas bags – are slashed to nearly a third of the price through July 31. Find your nearest store here.