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Want This: A Summery Rainbow Clutch

…from Mad Imports, plus a solar-powered laptop bag, and Dolce Vita’s tie-dye jumper



    Want This: A Summery Rainbow Clutch
    The Opal clutch from Mad Imports.

    IN BLOOM: The Opal straw clutch comes in seven solid colors, from a punchy orange to a plummy chocolate color, but we can’t get past the ’70s swagger of this rainbow version. All that, and it’s handmade and fair-traded through the Malagasy-inspired Mad Imports. $77 from nimli.com.

    ALL-IN-ONE: The Joey jumper from Dolce Vita is all about the subtle tie-dye effect, turning a black cotton jersey into a sexy, vaguely jungle-ish beach (or city) coverup. The deep v-neck helps, too. $143 at Dolce Vita, 149 Ludlow Street at Stanton Street; 212-529-2111, and online.

    HI-TECH: We’re not recommending you take your laptop to the beach (it’s called a vacation for a reason, people), but if you have to, make up for the lack of outlets with Shayne McQuade’s solar-powered laptop bag, designed to juice your machine with converted rays. (It’ll also recharge your cell phone.) On sale for $449.95 at the MoMA store. More information here.