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Macy's Longest-Employed Shopclerk Tells All



    Macy's Longest-Employed Shopclerk Tells All

    Like the Shophound, we missNew York magazine's "Ask a Shopclerk" feature, so we're glad it's been resurrected just long enough for them to interviewMacy's "longest-working sales associate." In 1960, Macy's hired Veronica Leslie to work the beauty counter at their Flatbush store, which is now closed. Her salary: "Forty-six dollars a week. Back then, the subway ride to work every day cost ten cents."

    Leslie spent the 1970s working in Herald Square, and for the past twenty-five years she's been in the coats department. What she's learned from the past quarter century: "You have to know how to ask the customer to try on another size. Sometimes someone thinks she's a size 10 but really she's a 12. Younger people like to wear their coats so tight now, but if you get on a bus and have to reach for the rail, you're in trouble—your sleeves will burst!" Kids today!
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