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Live at the Trader Joe's Brooklyn Opening: Rainy Day Doesn't Deter Diehard Shoppers



    It's the dawn of a new Trader Joe's and all day long, Racked will be on the scene in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn to document the insanity. Feel the excitement.

    8:28am: I'm here. It's kind of tragic. There are maybe ten people in line, all wet.

    8:31am: A woman just came down the line handing out gingerbread cookies. She says the festivities will be inside. Whew. Apparently the band is already in there.

    8:32am: Passersby are staring at those of us in line like we're batshit crazy. Do they not understand the significance of this day?

    8:36am: I see a man in a Hawaiian shirt. He looks cold.

    8:41am: Cookie review: it wasn't bad. I think I heard the guy in line behind me ask for another one for his dog.

    8:42am: The line is really diverse—no common denominator in terms of age, gender, ethnicity. Guess Trader Joe's love crosses all boundaries. By the way, I don't see any strollers out here.

    8:45am:Marty [Markowitz] sighting! He came down the line in a trenchcoat yelling "You people are nuts!" and shaking hands.

    8:47am: Line has gotten long, or at least longer. Goes to the end of the block. Behind me is a guy reading a textbook on federal income tax. In the rain. In a non-moving line. Bet he's having an awesome time.

    8:55am: A bunch of TJ's employees just came out to gawp at us. One surveyed the line and yelled, "This is madness!"

    8:58am: Line is now around the corner. Only minutes to go!

    9:01am: It's ridiculous out here. They just gave us a bunch of those TJ's recycled shopping bags and people are cheering.

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