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Keep Ghoul

Plus, the Sol de Ibiza sample sale and Corneille croons at the grand opening of Bloomie’s new Polo shop



    Meeting Veterans’ Special Needs in Hospice
    Frozen Smile ice cube trays. Why didn't anybody think of these before?

    NICE CHOPPERS: Are we too early to start accessorizing our Halloween party? Less spooky, more perverse are these Frozen Smiles ice trays: water + cold + time = an ice denture you can casually drop into a guest’s glass. Hilarity, quite naturally, will ensue. $6.65 at Sprout Home, 44 Grand Street, Brooklyn; 718-388-4440.

    ON-ISLAND: Sure, the weather is all warm and breezy now, but pretty soon it’ll be colder than a witch’s you-know-what and you’ll be jonesing for a sun-soaked getaway. And that’s when the resort gear and beachwear slashed to 90% off at the Sol de Ibiza sample sale – today through 9/18 – will come in handy. 52 Greene Street, 212-966-9091.

    PARTY: The only thing better than scoping out the new Polo Ralph Lauren men's shop opening tonight at Bloomingdale's is getting to hear a cozy performance by the devilishly sexy Cano-Germano-French R&B crooner Corneille, who’ll grace the ribbon-cutting with his presence. 6PM. RSVP to Bloomingdale's, 1000 Third Avenue; 212-705-2000. Got a tip? Email us.