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Deal of the Day: USB Drive Mix Tape

Mix-making kit combines '80s charm with '00s tech



    Deal of the Day: USB Drive Mix Tape
    Blue Ribbon General Store
    SUCK UK's USB Mix Tape kit.

    Can't afford fancy gifts this holiday season? Got buckets of time on your hands, what with unemployment's super-streamlined online bennies application? Then why not make a mixtape for your bestie, crush, or ex-boss?

    Remember mixtapes? SUCK UK remembers mixtapes -- and how much cooler they were than mix CDs. So they came up with the USB Drive Mix Tape, a neat little kit that includes a USB memory stick designed to hold about an hour's worth of music and a container that looks just like an audiocassette to put it in. The kit includes pitch-perfect stickers for the track list and side labels, so you can bust a Bic out of your Trapper Keeper and put your feelings into doodles (may we suggest flowers, or a small skull and crossbones?).

    Pick up the USB Drive Mix Tape at Boerum Hill's Blue Ribbon General Store (also online) for $22.