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Chloe is Kiehl's



    Chloe is Kiehl's
    Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images
    Chloe Sevigny was honored by the Accessories Council. And not just for that choker, either.

    Chloe Sevigny hosted a 158-year-anniversary party (if you're wondering the gift for that is plutonium) for the Kiehl's flagship store on Third Avenue. To celebrate, the store added a few touches that, appropriately, turned back the clock ("Oh, dahling, you don't look a day over 140") and made the store appear more as it would have in 1851, when it first opened.

    For her part, Chloe predictably lamented the changing of the neighborhood. Not since 1851 of course, but since 2001 or whenever it was she invaded.

    "If Kiehl's were a woman, she'd be Chloe!" the president of Kiehl's, Chris Selgardo, declared to the Observer's Daily Transom at the party. So nice, if she were a health and beauty aid store Sevigny would be Kiehl's.

    Which begs the question what celebs would other products be? Chloe's brother, Paul, who owns the Beatrice Inn (which has its save the Beatrice party at a much ballyhooed super-secret location tonight, even though it's been apparently, you know, saved), DJed the shindig, so that must just make him Kiehl's for men or something. What about others?