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Monday AM Clickage



    · Local council member wants to ban machete sales in Williamsburg [Gowanus Lounge]
    · Enjoying the old-school stylings of York Barber Shop on the UES [Lost City]
    · T-Mobile store opens in ugly new LES building [BoweryBoogie]
    · Perfume brand Bond No. 9 up to 33 NYC scents, including "Noveau Bowery" [NYC The Blog]

    · Tartan on-trend for fall [IHT]
    · Hermès-branded smart car in the works [WWD, subscription req]
    · Another Target Go International private collection debuts [ShopDiary]
    · Shoppers now too poor to buy pricey organic food [NYT]
    · Starbucks to give voters a free cup of coffee [5 Blogs Before Lunch]

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