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Secret Hell's Kitchen Carriage House Looks Heavenly



    Welcome Kindness With Come From Away

    Blogger Scouting New York thought the alley he spotted between two Hell's Kitchen buildings was probably just a place for residents to dump trash, but happily for our quirky real estate-loving hearts, he took a peek anyway.

    The alley is actually Clinton Court, and it dead-ends at the above property, a carriage house-turned-residence built sometime before 1800 and once home to New York State Governor and then U.S. Vice-President George Clinton. We like a good pedigree, but we're more interested in what's behind those walls.

    And? Turns out Scouting NY wasn't the first to stumble onto it. A studio in the building hit the market in February asking $335,000 and is already in contract.

    The studio listing only contains one interior photo, of the kitchen:


    There are also some less-than-pleasant ghost stories surrounding the place, but hey, now that a film scout's checking it out, maybe its luck will turn around.

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