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New York State Senate Destabilization



    New York State Senate Destabilization
    Daniel Barry/Getty Images
    NY State Senator and Republican Majority Leader Joe Bruno was an Albany "brick wall" to rent reform in NYC.

    Remember all those people flooding the streets and hugging each other after the election last week? They were thrilled with an Obama victory, thrilled with more Democrats in the Senate, and thrilled with a newly Democratic New York State legislature. How many of them do you think were developers, realtors, or landlords?

    The Republican New York State Senate has long had a, lets just say, cozy relationship with the New York City real estate industry. The New York Observer lists some of the real estate figures who donated at least $50,000 each in the hopes of keeping Republicans in power. And more can be found via the Huffington Post's Fundrace widget.

    The Observer story describes former Senate majority leader Joe Bruno as "a brick wall" against rent-regulation changes and tenant protections backed by Democrats. Now that that wall has come down, the real estate industry is a little wary of falling bricks.