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End-of-Days Watch: Hamptons 50% Off!

"Wall Street kids with bonuses" were bread and butter of Hamptons real estate. What now?



    End-of-Days Watch: Hamptons 50% Off!
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    The Hamptons: Now with 300% more recession.

    Over at Curbed, stuff's getting downright apocalyptic - we knew the high-class sands of Long Island weren't immune to the downturn, but we didn't know things were quite this bad for the Barefoot Contessa Contingent.

    They flag a NY Post piece about a slew of foreclosures coming down the pike with an auction at the end of March, some "at starting prices as low as half their original asking prices." And a commenter digs in the knife, reporting a whole new technique of recessionary home-buying: Bid on 8 properties at half the asking price and one owner (or in this case, two) might actually accept.