Wednesday AM Linkage - NBC New York

Wednesday AM Linkage



    · Number of empty apts in Manhattan rising and so are deals [NYO]
    · News to make you smile: A $3 subway fare? [NYDN]

    · That property tax rebate elimination fight likely to get fugly [NYP] · State-local fight brewing over Obama bucks for infrastructure projects [NYO]
    · Top ten places where home values are dropping like lead balloons [Forbes]
    · Some Park Slopers agitating against elite Berkley Carroll School [GL]
    · Checking out 'Coney Island Visions' exercise & Jonathan Lethem's thoughts [AYR]
    · No shit: An East Williamsburg 'rocknapping' & we're not talking music [NYShitty]
    · Is affordable housing screwed in a crashing market? [Brownstoner]

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