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Friday AM Linkage



    · There is exceptional glee over Mayor's plan to dump property tax rebate [NYP]

    · Reasons to love NYU: they're going to have a bike share program [Urbanite] · Babs advises to know what 'typical homes' sell in your nabe [NYDN]
    · City tells Congress to go F itself over Yankee Stadium documents [Metro]
    · Broke-ass Yankees will actually pay $11 million in back rent to city [NYP]
    · Cost to rename Triborough Bridge for RFK: $4 million [CityRoom]
    · To pray, use a pay phone not a cell phone [Lost City]
    · Remembering the old days when there were 'negroes' in Brooklyn [CityRoom]
    · Recession special: Broke A$$ in the Burg [NYShitty]
    · Check this out: Brooklyn still has flowers [Brownstoner]
    · The Carroll Gardens ginkgo shit soup is slamming [GL]

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